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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Some Working Proxy Server's For Airtel

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Airtel Gprs Homepage Trick

Hai My Friends!

Here im coming with some working airtel homepage tricks for new working airtel proxies

also working as front query for airtel
and proxy server

These homepages are 100% working...

Airtel Homepage Trick

All home pages are working with working airtel proxies

Enjoy friends and comment this post...


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Reliance Gprs Tricks:New Highspeed Gprs Trick

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Reliance Gprs Tricks

Hai my friends!

Here i come's with a new highspeed reliance gprs trick with downloading...

**First download hotspot shield

**Install hotspot shield in your pc

**Connect your mobile to Pc with rcommms

**Here is the trick

Maintain low balance in your mobile

Goto tray of your Pc

Right click on hotspot shield icon

Click on "on/off"

Now the orange clour becomes Green

That's it your now done...

Your internet is free now!

Enjoy my friends and comment it...


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Free Facebook On Mobile

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Airtel Facebook Tricks

Hai My Friends!

Want Access Facebook For Free In Mobile Without Gprs Connection?

Facebook Trick For Mobile!

Just Dial *325# in Mobile Thats AlL!

Facebook Is Free Without Gprs...

Enjoy And Comment It!


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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Docomo Gprs Tricks:500 MB Gprs Trick For Docomo

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Docomo 500MB Trick

Hello Friends!

Im going to show you how to get 500 MB freely from Docomo.

Dont go for proxy tricks or handler tricks or blah blah...

Free docomo gprs trick for November 2011


Send WINDOWS to 54321(toll free)


Send ANDROID to 54321(toll free)

That's It!

After All Message From Docomo With The Following Message "Hi! Thank you for requesting for activation of free 500 MB data offer valid 6 months.We shall revert within 48 hours."

Anothr Message With "you request recieved"

After A few hours your 500MB will be activated by Docomo.


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Airtel Gprs Tricks:2011 November Airtel Working Proxy

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Airtel November Tricks

Hai friends welcome back!

This New proxy is 100% working for me.

This airtel working proxy gave me good speed.

Try this now,

Airtel working proxy:

Make A new profile setting:

A/c Name: Any



Keep visit my blog for new updates.


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Airtel Gprs Tricks:Some Working Proxies

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Airtel working proxies

Hello my friends!

I'm Coming with some more airtel working proxies

These Are Greatest Working Airtel Proxies

These Proxies Have Good Speed And Also Downloading Is Possible

Airtel Working Proxies:

Try these ip's








Try these more Airtel working proxies;






Plz Comment This Post!


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Adsense Quick Approval Tricks

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adsense approval trick

Hai everybody!

Google Adsense is the finest way to earn money online and make 100 of dollars with some hard work.
But the minus thing is getting adsense account approval is too difficult and not so easier!
some people sell adsense account for some dollars.those accounts aren't legit accounts.
they will gave some for u and get banned soon.
so dont go for it.

Here are the easiest way to get adsense approval.

adsense approval trick1:

*-*First goto

*-*signup for an account

*-*and embed atleast 11 videos.

*-*upload your pictures atleast 12 photos.(dont upload any kind adult and copyrighted photos)

*-*write atleast 2 blogs(write unique 2 articles or copy and paste an plr article)

*-*complete ur profile.upload an avatar

*-*wait a day and apply for adsense surely you will get approved.

(when i got approved i have 11 embeded videos,12 photos,2 blogs.i got rejection first time and second time i got approved)

Adsense approval trick2: indyarocks


*-*signup for an account

*-*upload 12 photos

*-*upload 10 videos

*-*write 3 unique blogs

*-*upload an avatar

*-*complete your profile.atleast 80% is good.

*-*submit your application to google adsense.

done everything competely.

these tricks are 1000% working...

Plz comment it

Make Money Online-Legit way!

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make money nline

Hello my friends!

Welcome you to

make money online


Nowadays everybody gave promise for make money online,easy cash...blah blah!!!

but which is legit?

Even all make money online free site's are wanna earn money online you will pay for it.but who else want to pay money for earn money?
i'm also try every free ways to earn money online.but i cant get money from them.but a few days ago i just heared about a site that is called


.now im join this site and maked some dollars.this site is now ready for they want publicity they pay for it.they pay 1$ for each refferals.but u cannot
create an account without an refferer so here is the solution for it

Make Money Online 100% Working

goto this link and make an account for free.and refer your friends make 1$ for every account refered by you!

congrats my friends earn money by this legit way!

i hope you enjoy this post plz comment for querys and feedbacks.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Airtel Gprs Tricks:New Working 3G Trick 2012!

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Airtel 3G Trick

Hai Friends!

Finally Airtel 3G Gprs Trick For Free Using Airtelmms!

A new Settings For UNlimited 3G!

For Activating 3G On Airtel Just '3G' To '121'

Then Create New A Settings Mentioned Below!

For Mobile:

Port:- 80
H.P:- gprs tricks)
For Pc:

Open Firefox Then Goto

=>Tools=>Options=>Advanced Tab=>Network->Settings

Port:- 80

I Hope You Enjoy These Tricks!

Plz Comment This Post!


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Thursday, November 3, 2011

BSNL Gprs Tricks:New BSNL 3G Trick 2012

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Bsnl 3G Trick

Hai Friends!

Here I Comes With A New Free Gprs Trick For BSNL 3G!
Here Is The Settings:

Just Create A Profile Mentioned Below:-
Profile Name:- Any

APN:- Bsnlportal


Port:- 80

Home Page:-
That's It You Done It!

Free Bsnl 3G is yours.

Thank You For Reading My Post,Comment It Plz!


Bsnl Free Gprs Tricks

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Docomo Gprs Tricks:New 3G Trick

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Docomo Gprs Tricks

Hai Friends!

Now I'm Coming With A New Trick For Docomo!

Docomo Default Browser Tick:-

Put Proxy As:

Port As:8080 Or 8081

Apn As:



Try It Yorself Working Fine For Me!

Try It And Comment It.*!*.


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Docomo Gprs Tricks:New Docomo Front Query Trick

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Docomo Gprs Trick

Hai Friends!

Here I Come's With A New Free Docomo Gprs Trick for Handler Apps!

These Front Query's Are 10000% Working And Tested By Me!

Let's Goto Tricks:-

This Trick Is Working Fine In All Type Of Handlers.

Open Any Handler Application's Handler Menu

Front Query Trick 1:-
Put Front Query

Front Query Trick 2:-
Put Front Query As:

Downloading Is Also Possible.For Downloads Use Divein Settings.

Balance Must Be 1R.s Or Above.

Thanks Guy's

Plz Comment My Post.


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Airtel Sms Tricks:Free Sms Trick 2011

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Airtel Sms Trick

Hai Friends!

Now I'm Going To Share Two New Tricks To Send Free Sms Anywhere In India.

Here Is The Airtel Free Sms Trick

Just Follow My Steps For The Tricks:-

Free Sms Trick 1:-

Step 1:First Send a Blank sms to 543210 ( Toll Free Number).

Step 2: After Sending Sms wait for 5-6 Minutes .

Step 3:Now you can Send Free sms in Any Number .

Step 4:For Checking your SMS Balance Just Dail *125*5#

Free Sms Trick 2:-

For This Trick Maintain Balance Below 0.50 Paise Or Else Zero Balance!

Step 1:Send Blank SMS to 1909 0r 1900 ( Toll Free Numbers ) .

Step 2:After Some time you will get Reply like Invalid Keywords.

Step 3:Now you can free send sms to any Number

That's All!

Thankyou For Reading My Post!

Plz Comment And Keep Visit For Newly Updated Tricks!


Airtel Free Sms Tricks

Idea Gprs Tricks:Free Gprs November 2011

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Idea Gprs Trick

New Idea Front Query Trick For Idea Free GPRS in Handler Apps.

Use Idea Fresh Settings
Balance Must Be Below 1R.s

Default Browser Trick 1:-

There Are Three Methods For Free Surfing




Default Browser Trick 2:-

Account Name – idea_fresh
Username – Blank
Password – Blank
Homepage –
Proxy –
Proxy Port – 8080
DataBearer – GPRS/Packetdata
Acces Point Name – imis
Proxy – Enabled/yes
Authentication Type – Normal

New Free Handler Trick:-

You Can use This Trick For All Type Handlers.

For Opera Handler's

Primary Server As:-

Secondary Server As:-socket://

And For Front Query:-

Then Save And Click Ok.

That's It U R Done!

I Hope You Enjoy The Tricks!

Plz Comment My Post.


Idea Free Gprs Tricks

IDM Full version Manual Trick 2011

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Internet Download Manager Serial Keys

Hello All My Friends!

Here I'm Coming With A New Internet Download Manager Trick!

IDM Is The Best

Download Manager

Ever On The Internet.But Its Not Free It's Costly!
So Now We Are GOing Make A trick To Use It For Free.

If You Using Any Fake Serial Key's For Register It Shows A Message "You Have Registered IDM Using A Fake Serial Key".
After All IDM Downloads Nothing!?!

Now Lets Talk The Trick This Trick Is For Registering Full Version For Free! Absolutely free!

Ok,Lets Start The Trick:-

Step 1:Download The Free Trial Of IDM Or If You Have Already Installed Update It Via Help->Register Not Update.

Step 2:After Clicking Registration,A dialog Box Appears It Asking For Name,Last Name,Email,And Serial Key.

Step 3:Now Fill All Other Fields.In The Field Of Serial Key Enter Any Of The Following Serial Keys.

Step 4:


Step 5:After Entering The Serial Keys Click On Register.

Step 6:After Click Ok,It's Surely Show An Error Message "You Have Registered IDM Using A Fake Serial Key" It Will Exit.

Now Starts The Trick...

Step 7:Goto Start->Run->Enter Following Text: "notepad%windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"

For Windows7 Users,Due To Security Reasons You Will Not Be Able To Save Hosts File.
The Trick:
First Goto C:/ Drive Then Goto Windows Folder=>System32=>Drivers=>Etc.
In The Etc Folder You Will See The Hosts File.

Right Click Hosts Goto Properties=>Security Tab=>Admin A/c.,Below You Will See An Edit Button(in front of change permissions).

Now give the user full control and write and read rights and then click on apply and then click on Ok, now u will be able to edit the hosts file and save changes in it.

Step 8:Now A Notepad File Appears.

Step 9:Copy And Paste The Codes Given Below:

Step 10:Save The Notepad File And Exit

That's All Your Internet Download Manager Is Free Now! Download Anything Without Any Errors For Freeeeeeeeee.

ThankYou For Reading This Post PLz Leave Comment's.



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Reliance Gprs Tricks:Free Gprs November Special

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Reliance Free Gprs Trick

Hai All My Friends!

Reiance New Gprs Trick

For November 2011!

Here Is The Settings For New Trick:-

A/c.Name-Any Or Freetrickz



Port:- 15000

100% Working All Over India!

Try It! And Comment It!


Reliance Gprs Tricks

Reliance Gprs Tricks:November Free Gprs Trick

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Reliance Gprs Trick

Hai All!

Here I'm Coming With

Reliance Free Gprs Trick

New 2 Working Proxies For Reliance!

Just Follow These Steps:-

Reliance Free Gprs Trick 1:

A/c.Name :Any
Proxy :
Port :3128
Apn :rcommms

Reliance Free Gprs Trick 2:

A/c.Name :Any
Proxy :
Port :8080
Apn :rcommms

That's All!

I Hope You Enjoy This Trick!

PLz Leave Comment For Improve *Us*!


Reliance Free Gprs Tricks

Reliance Free Gprs

Reliance Gprs Tricks:New 1Mbps Trick For November

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Hai Friends!

Here Is The Newest

Reliance 1Mbps Trick

For Free GPRS!

Just Make A Settings Mentioned Below:

For Mobile:


Thats It!

For Pc!

Use Settings Mentioned Above.

Its Working With Mobile And Pc Also.In Pc It Gave speed Upto 1Mbps.

Plz Leave A Comment Friends!


Reliance Free Gprs Tricks

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Airtel Back Query Trick

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Airtel Back Query Trick

Hai Friends!

Some More

Airtel Back Query's


##-? home.php?_rdr (Faster than others)

##-? airtelsoccer (AlsO,FasTer...)

##-? pages/browser.php

##-? zout=1

##-? blog.php? (Also.gud one...)

##-? security

##-? infibeam (Good Speed....)

##-? r.php?refid=0

##-? converse

##-? Actve

##-? upload.php?refid=0

Use All These Back Query's For Any Type Handler App

That's It You Are Done!

Working Fine In MH,MP,Karnataka..,

Thanks Friends For Reading This Post!

Plz Leava A Comment.


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Make Big Downloads With Airtel

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Airtel Large File Downloading Trick

Hai Friends!

Download Large Files With Airtel

Use These Ticks:-

For Mobile:-

Enter Any Address You Want To Browse.

The Amazing Thing In This Trick Is Never Connection Lost Ever!

You Can Download Very Large Files.

Enjoy With

Unlimited Large Downloads

Plz Leave A Comment!


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Working Front&Back Query's

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Airtel Gprs Trick

New Front Query's For Airtel Free Gprs Trick!

Use It For Ucweb's,Bolt,Gmap's And Shmessenger(select HTTP from option)
(Super Speed Download With Limits Only 50Mb)

Use It With All Type Handlers!

All Front Query's Are Working.Tested By Me!

Magic Back Query:

This Is A Highspeed And Magic Back Query For Airtel.


Or Try This


Connect With Mobile Office Settings.

Enjo Friends!PLZ Comment This Post.


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Super Highspeed Proxy 2011

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AirtelGprs Tricks

Hai Friends!

Here Is The New Working Airtel Gprs Trick With Default Mo Settings!

Here Is The Settings:

Use Default Mobile Office Settings

Then Goto Enter URL

And Type

Its A High Speed Proxy Ever!

You Can Also Try This!

This Site Has Very Good Speeeeeeeeed Compared With Cinipac

*-*Note:For All Tricks Using Airtel,Maintain Below 0.30 Paise*-*


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Airtel Free Gprs:MO Trick November 2011

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Airtel Gprs Trick

All New Gprs Trick For Default Mobile Office!

For Mobile Just Create A Settings Like Below:



Port:- 80

For PC:

Step 1:Put Settings Mentioned Above In Your Mobile.

Step 2: Open Firefox.

Step 3:Goto Tools->Options->Advanced Tab->Select Manualproxy Settings.

Step 4:Put Above Proxy&Port In Settings.

Step 5:Go Back To General Tab Set Homepage As

That's It Done!

Enjoy Free GPRS!
Another Trick,
And You May Also Try This

Use Default MO Settings And Goto


Enjoy Friend With Awsome Speed And Unlimited Download.

Plz Comment This Post.


Airtel Gprs Tricks

Airtel Gprs Tricks:Diwali SPL Trick

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Airtel Gprs Trick

Hai Friends!

This Time I'm Coming With A New Working Airtel Gprs Trick!

Its Working PC And Also With Mobile.

For Mobile Just Create Settind Mentioned Below:

Proxy: Or
Port:80 For Both

For Pc Just Create Settings Like Below:

Step 1:Connect Mobile With The
(use firefox for better experience)

Step 2:For Firefox Goto Tools->Advanced TAb->Network->Settings->Manual Proxy Config.
Step 3:Put Proxy As : Or

Step 4:Port As 80

Step 5:Then Again Go Back To Tools->Option->General Tab->Put Home Page As

For IDM Use Same Proxy Settins For Download With The Speed Of Over 650+Kbps

You Can Also Download With This DOWNLOAD LINK...
(Also Put This Settings&Link With Any Other Download Managers For Highspeed Download)

Enjoy Unlimited With This Trick!

Thanks For Reading This Post Please Comment This Trick Friends.


Airtel Gprs Tricks