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Friday, June 8, 2012

Pc Tricks 2012:Convert Any Web Page Or Document To Pdf

3:16 PM Posted by Ashok Kumar , No comments

Convert Any Document or Web Page to PDF

pc tricks 2012

Somebody just told you that you need to have Adobe Acrobat (Writer) to create a PDF file? Guess what, you can get away from that pricey piece of software if you just need to convert some documents to pdf, without a need of fancy editing the pdf document.

Here's how. Thanks to the BullZip, who provides a Free Pdf printer. With this free tool, you can simply "print out" your document or webpage to a pdf file, just about the same way as you print it out to a printer.
You can visit for more information about the software.

Here the direct link to BullZip downloads page: Downloads

To get started, first follow the link above and download Free Pdf Printer from BullZip, then install it to your computer.
Once you're done, you might need to close the program (or the web browser) which you're currently viewing the document. This helps refreshing the list of available printers on your computer.
Once you get back to the document you want to convert, perform the same steps are you print out the document, i.e. File > Print ...
When you see the Print window pop-up, select "Bullzip PDF Printer" under "Printers", then click "OK".
BullZip PDF Printer will then start to analyze your document and display a new pop-up window, where you can direct it to the location you want to save the pdf file.
Follow the pop-up windows and.. hola! The PDF document is created!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

100% Free Gprs Tricks:Ubislate Akash 2 Specification

11:59 AM Posted by Ashok Kumar , No comments

Ubislate Aaksh 2

 Aakash2 is still most awaiting tablet. Preorders have been started few months ago but shipping orders still take time. Considering the features of aakash in such a low price seems worthy.

Operating System : Android 2.3
Screen : 7 inch resistive touch screen
Wifi : 3G and Wifi
Processor : 700 MHz
RAM : 512 MB
Battery : Upto 8 hours
USB ports : 2
Internal Flash : 2 GB
External Memory : Upto 32 GB memory card slot
Camera : 2 Mega-Pixel
Moisture proof : NO
Estimated market : US $50